Documentary in development, 90 min and 52 min
A co-production between Mori Film and Ossa Film (Japan, Germany, Thailand)
Expected Release: 2026
Producer and Director: Arata Mori
Co-producer Germany: Andreas Hartmann


In Thailand, divided by rising political tensions, emerging LGBTQ+ spiritual mediums help people cope with the uncertainties of the future. One such medium, PREM (42), heals people with trauma and anxiety through spiritual sessions and empowers herself despite her isolation.

Forums, Awards and Grants and Awards:

  • DOK.fest Munich Marketplace 2023
  • European Social Documentary 2023
  • Docs by the Sea 2023
  • DAE Award (Pitching Award of Docs by the Sea)
  • Asian Cultural Council Individual Fellowship 2022
  • GVL Neustart Kultur 2022

The Time of Pomegranates

Documentary in production, 75 min and 52 min
A co-production between Key Pictures and Ossa Film (UK, Germany)
Expected Release: 2024
Producer and Director: Simon Hipkins
Co-producer Germany: Andreas Hartmann


Thirteen year old Beta dreams of escaping a blood feud that has left her trapped in the mountains of Albania. Will her father’s bid to gain asylum in the UK enable her to begin a new life. Filmed at different periods over five years in Albania and London, THE TIME OF POMEGRANATES captures a family’s fracture as fear, doubt and paranoia about their future begin to creep in. Against this, we watch as Beta becomes a woman determined to choose her own future.

Alternates (Bergantian)

Animated VR film in development
A co-production between Kampung Ayu, Cinema Leap, Kayu Lucie Fontaine and Ossa Film (Japan, Indonesia, Germany)
Expected Release: 2024
Producer and Director: Jonathan Hagard
CG Director: Masaya Inaba
Co-producer Indonesia: Marco Cassani
Co-producer Japan: Katsutoshi Machiba, Tetsuya Ohashi
Co-producer Germany: Andreas Hartmann


Between 1906 and 1908 when the Balinese were being subjugated by the Dutch, a mass ritual suicide (Puputan) lead by the Kings of Bali happened in preference to facing the humiliation of surrender.
As a consequence, the Dutch turned protectors of the Balinese culture and endeavored to preserve it in addition to their initial modernization role. Efforts were made at preserving Bali and making it a “living museum” of classical culture, and in 1914, Bali was opened to tourism.
Theses events shaped Balinese modern history, the very harshness of the military invasions thus paradoxically triggered an international uproar which contributed to the preservation of Bali’s culture, to make the island one of the most popular tourist destinations today.

What if this mass ritual suicide did not happened?
“Alternates” (Bergantian) is an Indonesian uchronia and depicts two dancers in this alternative timeline. It is a VR experience about things that don’t change and things that could have changed.

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